IDS Infotech Ltd.
IDS Infotech Ltd.

Engineering Outsourcing Services


IDS Infotech’s Engineering Business Unit is a leading engineering solutions & services provider catering to customers in the aerospace, automotive, machinery, and affiliated industry segments. We take pride in the fact that we provide a wide array of solutions, directly helping our customers improve the performance of their products as well as bringing about significant improvements in their design to manufacturing cycles.


All our engagement models, whatever the mix of onsite, near-shore, and offshore are carefully sculpted based on the unique needs of individual customers, with the focus always being on making our customers wildly successful. Models are always tailored for maximum effectiveness resulting in timely and professional support of the highest order on all customer programs.


Our solutions and services in the mechanical engineering solutions and services sphere are ISO 9001:2000, AS 9100: Rev B and ISO 27001 certified.


Engineering Customer Success

At IDS, we clearly recognize the fact that we are here only to make our customers successful. It is no secret that we are forever putting customers’ needs on the top of our priority list. We skillfully plan, mastermind, orchestrate, and find ways & means to ensure that our customers succeed. What sets us apart is our focus on engineering (that is, providing product enhancement solutions based on engineering) over and above design support activities.